Sculpting from life
        Sculpting from life
  • We have a live model (usually nude) that we pay $125/session who poses the same long pose for 3 consecutive Wednesday afternoons, which are from 1:00-4:00 pm.

  • There are usually 8-10 artists here each afternoon–a mix of drawers and sculptors.

  • You will be responsible to bring your own sculpture stand–there isn’t room for tables.

  • If you are a sculptor who regularly attends, you can leave your sculpting stand here as well as your in-progress sculpture until the end of each series.  At the end of each series, you will need to bring your sculpture home to make room for pieces generated by the following series. How that is working out will be reviewed after a few months.

  • There is no kiln, but you may be able to make arrangements with one of the other sculptors to fire your clay pieces in one of their kilns.

  • The $25 dollar fee paid through SignUp Genius includes your share of the model fee and, if there is a good turnout of artists, the extra proceeds offset some of my costs associated with heating, lights as well as the costs that I have incurred of setting up the studio to accommodate other artists like the purchase of shelving and stools, etc.

  • There will be simple portrait armatures here for sculptors to use, but, if you want figurative armatures or sculpting tools, you will need to bring them.

  • You will need to bring water-based clay for your use and may store a limited amount of it on site.  I have my misgivings about having oil-based clay being used extensively in the open studio sessions because of the clean up challenge it poses.

  • I trust that you will pitch in and help clean up and put things away at the end of each session.

  • The sessions are a great opportunity of networking and for experiencing the warmth and fellowship of sharing good times together creating our art.