I am excited about my two newly completed, dramatic sculptures.  Both are designed to visually appear as though they defy gravity.

Letting Go!

Website 5Depicted in the sculpture is a male figure seen powerfully lunging forward.   We see him mid-step as he thrusts his body into the unknown. In this image, I chose to render an image of a male charging headlong, but with his upper body twisting away, suggesting a change of heart. What I find intriguing is the tension between the male default of seeking to be in control and his recognition that, at times, he must let go. Website 4Website 2



In this sculpture, I endeavored to create an image that depicts those moments when our spirit soars. At such a time, it is as though we shed old, limiting perspectives and experience life afresh. Suddenly, our spirit is liberated, we feel a sense of exhilaration and lightness. Website 2 Website 5The sense of possibility is palpable. It’s then that our heart leaps and our life-force dances. Website 6