resized-dsc_0046-cropped_edited-2My newly installed sculpture in Edmonds has a message.  Joie de Vivre depicts a young girl standing with her arms outstretched, her smiling face gazing up into the sunshine.  A breeze blows her clothing and hair, creating a dynamic image and capturing a joyful moment in time.  It reflects the moments of our lives when all is well, our senses are heightened and we feel the grace of being alive.

Joie de Vivre installed on Main St.

Joie de Vivre installed on Main St.





Just before Election Day, I installed edition 3 of Joie de Vivre in my hometown of Edmonds, Washington.  To those who liked the outcome of the election, the image seemed to mirror their celebratory mood.  However, for those of you for whom the election results left you reeling with a sense of dismay and foreboding, the image of the sculpture must feel incongruous.

resized-dsc_0051-adjusted_edited-2At times, we adults believe joy is not available to us.

Her image challenges us all to find joy wherever we can–and to savor it! 




It is a vision of letting go of concerns to embrace life.

Just what we need in these uncertain times.




Sited in front of Stewart Family Chiropractic at 547 Main Street, the sculpture greets you as you walk west from 6th Street.  Bryan and Cheryl Stewart graciously agreed to have the sculpture placed there on loan.   For information regarding how to acquire a limited edition of Joie de Vivre, contact Cole Gallery.