David’s art education began with his training in Prosthetics at UCLA, where he learned in-depth human anatomy and the study of human locomotion.   During his forty years in the field of Prosthetics, he has taken molds of thousands of patients to create their devices.That training and experience provided David with a powerful background when he found himself interested in pursuing sculpture.  His studies at the Gage Academy of Art, Seattle in figurative and portrait sculpture were under: John, Sisko Viktor Sirotin, Boris Spivak, Matt Buckner, Tip Toland and Michael Magrath.  David further enhanced his skill in portraiture while studying with world renowned Philippe Faraut. Additionally, David gained in-depth knowledge in mold making and bronze casting at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle.  More recently, he has received mentoring in Paris from Yves Pires, an accomplished and internationally recognized Parisian sculptor.               Varnau_David_


DSC_0777The human figure is David’s subject matter, which he renders with stunning accuracy, but slightly abstracted to highlight the natural planes of the body.  He enjoys carefully rendering hands and feet so that they communicate a personality and contribute to the mood of the piece.  Each work is sculpted from a live model and reflects the particular features of the person before him.  As a result, none of his sculptures appear to be generic or formulaic, but rather distinctively unique.  Because of that, a Varnau sculpture is a convincing reflection of life and, as such, they convey a universal truth with which viewers viscerally resonate.


Shows and Exhibitions

David has participated in and received awards at numerous shows, in solo and group exhibits throughout

the Pacific Northwest, especially in the Seattle area, since 1998.Rick Steves show photoshopped 003_brightened edited-3_edited-1


Victor Horgan, private collection, Edmonds, WA

Steve Guinn, private collection, Edmonds, WA

Impact Physical Therapy, Corporate Art Collection, Lynnwood, WA

Josephine O’Shaughnessy, private collection, Edmonds, WA

Judith and Dave Mohl, private collection,Tampa, FL

Center for Prosthetics Orthotics, Inc, Corporate Art Collection, Seattle, WA

Ida and Ralph Mathews, private collection, Edmonds, WA

Patricia and Doug Stephen, private collection, Boulder, CO

DeEtta Demaratus, private collection, Missoula, MT

Phill Butler and Marni Muir, private collection, Edmonds, WA

Sabina Poon, private collection, Boulder City, NV

Fred Langer, private collection, Edmonds, WA